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[General Information regarding Inviting Overseas Business Activities: main contents]

General Information regarding Inviting Overseas Business Activities

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Ⅰ Kyoto Today

1. General Information

(1) Location, Access and Infrastructure
(2) Nature and Land
(3) Population and Age Groups
(4) NonJapanese Residents
(5) Other Information

2. Economic Indicators

(1) GDP and Economic Growth Rate
(2) Prefectural Income
(3) Consumer Price Index
(4) Trends of Employment

3. Industrial Trends

(1) Comparison of Kyoto and the Whole Country
(2) Industrial Structure
(3) Establishment of Enterprises (Establishment and Dissolution Rates/Size)
(4) Features of ‘Manufacturing’
(5) Feature of Commerce and Service Industries

Ⅱ Features of Kyoto Industries

1. Outstanding Industry Projects
2. Enterprises Developed by Traditional Industries in Kyoto
3. Matured Environment in Education
4. International Conventions
5. Sightseeing and Tourists from Overseas
6. International Students
7. Cultural Heritage
8. Environmental Strategies

Ⅲ Overseas Business Activities into Kyoto