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Nurturing Project of New Kyoto Brands

Not only as a city of traditional industry, but Kyoto is also a home of a number of small and medium sized companies with high level technology, IT related high-tech companies, universities and research institutions. Based on those foundations, Kyoto is an ideal place to create new industries and to revitalize existing industries using IT related technology and the latest research achievements.

With those advantages, active promotion plans are taken to support small and medium sized companies in Kyoto prefecture to nurture new industry or venture business to form the “New Kyoto Brand”, for example, 1) field of Eco-Energy Industry, 2) experiment industry related field, 3) healthcare creation (wellness) industry related field, 4) movie and image industry related field.


Kyoto Eco-Energy Industry

As the birth place of Kyoto Protocol, “Kyoto Industrial Eco-Energy Promotion Organization” was established to provide support for environmental issues, including global warming, in Kyoto’s industrial field by making best use of Kyoto’s local resources and research and development ability. Under the cooperation of the industry, university and government, creation of new eco-industry, ecological promotion in the small and medium sized companies, reduction of CO2 emission and other challenges are taken in Kyoto.


Creating of Experiment Manufacturing Industry

To promote an active participation of small and medium sized companies to the "experiment manufacturing industry" and to nurture the "experiment manufacturing industry" as Kyoto's new brand industry, information transmission and expanding new order intake will be taken through having a booth in the popular exhibitions to let the world know Kyoto as a "center of experiment manufacturing".


Movie and Media Content Industry

Kyoto boasts media content universities, schools, diverse and advanced peripheral industries and technology in a wide genre of high-level media content, such as movies/videos, manga/anime, and video games. Therefore, the concentration of the movie and media content industry will be promoted, and market expansion in Japan and overseas along with the training of human resources will also be encouraged.