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Industry-University-Government Cooperation

Kyoto has more universities and junior colleges than almost any other prefecture in Japan. And academic institutions and companies have a long tradition of research and project cooperation.


Keihanna Science City Health Care Project

In the Keihanna Science City region there is a large concentration of universities and research institutes conducting research in the field of health care, as well as companies that aim to enter the health care field. Based on the Keihanna Health Care Development Regional Plan, which aims to develop this research and make the health care sector the core industry in the region, industry, academia and government are partnering to innovate in the realm of health maintenance by researching and developing methods of automated bio-function measurement and testing.


Promotion of Collaborative Projects among Industry- University-Government in Kyoto

To found a better environment for further research development, a collaborative organization called Industry-University-Government Cooperative Organization of Kyoto was founded in 2003. It consists of universities in Kyoto, research institutes, industry supporting groups and government organizations. The organization manages several areas such as holding industry, university, government cooperative projects, transmissions of information through website and email newsletters. The secretariat is in Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
http://sangakukou.kyoto.jp/ (Japanese)


Support Project of Collaborative Projects among Industry- University-Government

Kyoto Company Creation Fund

To further develop Kyoto’s manufacturing industry, government organizations and companies will cooperate to offer funds to create and nurture manufacturing venture businesses. The targeted fields are information, communication, environment, experiment manufacture industries, etc.

*All new investment has ceased.