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Kyoto Industries and Project

In Kyoto, micro and nano technology research is actively practiced at universities including Kyoto University, Kyoto Institute of Technology and Ritsumeikan University. At the same time Kyoto hosts many high-tech venture businesses based on its ‘manufacturing innovation’ tradition. Utilizing and commercializing these research is important to reinforce Kyoto’s business competitiveness. It is also important to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies and organizations.


Keihanna Eco-City Promotion Council

Keihanna Eco-City Promotion Council

The Keihanna Eco-City Promotion Council was established in February 2011 through a partnership among three local prefectures and eight towns and cities in the Kansai economic sphere based on the Third Stage Plan formulated in 2006 for Keihanna Science City. The Keihanna Eco-City Promotion Council exists as part of a partnership among industry, academia, government and residents to develop specific efforts towards research and development and demonstration projects in regards to the environment and energy, as well as the creation of new industries.
In 2013, the e2 Plan to Create a City of the Future was laid down, project development is currently being promoted to a wide-variety of fields making use of the ICT environment constructed in the region.


Next-generation Energy and Social Systems Demonstration Project

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has designated four demonstration regions to make possible the lowest CO2 emissions and efficient use of energy. Keihanna Science City is one of those regions and is currently promoting demonstrations in the household, business and transport sectors. Original next-generation energy and social systems will be constructed there, and Keihannna Science City will serve as a model for the rest of the world.