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Kyoto Spirit and Traditions
— Fusion, innovation and diversity —

Since the national capital was founded in Kyoto in 794, the region has flourished as a center of culture for more than 1,200 years. Our ancestors created and constantly improved on great craft traditions which are now known all over the world: Nishijin textile weaving, Kyo-yuzen dyeing, Kyo-kanoko shibori tie dying, embroidery, braiding, Buddhist accessories, lacquer ware, wooden instruments, ceramics, fans, stone crafts, doll making, mounted instruments, damascene, cutlery, etc. Kyoto’s manufacturing spirit, based on its precise, often complex craft, traditions, has enabled the region to become a leader in high-tech industries. Many global companies have their head offices in Kyoto, for example, SHIMADZU (the company of Nobel Prize winner, Mr. Tanaka), NINTENDO, KYOCERA, OMRON, HORIBA, MURATA, ROHM, NIDEC, etc. Kyoto is home to many medium and small scale companies that are well known for their unique products and techniques. Furthermore, Kyoto is known as an academic region. It is home to 48 universities and junior colleges as well as other academic institutions actively involved in high-tech studies and research. Cooperation among private companies, academia and governments is extensive.



Kyoto is conveniently located on the center of Japan and easy to access from Osaka and Tokyo.

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