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Living Condition & Environment

Each region of Kyoto has its own appeal: the northern region faces the Japan Sea, with an international part and scenic spots, the central districts are well balanced with rich forest and industrial development, and the southern region offers a unique mix of modern and traditional culture.


These organizations offer essential information related to living in Kyoto.

Kyoto Prefectural International Center

Information about various procedures related to residence status, government office, residence and public transportation system in Kyoto Prefeccture.
For further information, see their website:
http://www.kpic.or.jp/index.html (Japanese, English and more)

Kyoto City International Foundation

Information about medical clinics (hospitals with English interpretation, holiday couseling, etc.) and children education in Kyoto City
For further information, see their website:
http://www.kcif.or.jp/ (Japanese, English and more)