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Kyoto Foreign Investment Promotion Committee

KIC, Kyoto Foreign Investment Promotion Committee, was founded in April 2003 to offer support and information about Kyoto to foreign companies, individual business person and researchers to start business in Kyoto.

Secretariat: Kyoto Prefecture Department of Commerce, Labor, and Tourism; Overseas Economy Division
Email: kaigaikeizai@pref.kyoto.lg.jp
Tel: 81-(0)75-414-4840
Fax: 81-(0)75-414-4870


The Committee members

Kyoto Prefectural Government

To promote venture business or new industry, active promotion plans are taken to support to form the “New Kyoto Brand”, for example, 1) IT related field including mobile phone technology, 2) experiment industry related field, 3) healthcare creation (wellness) industry related field, 4) environment related field, 5) movie and image industry related field.

City of Kyoto

Kyoto City has set up a counseling desk for domestic and foreign companies who are looking for the land to situate their Japanese headquarters, factory, or laboratory in Kyoto. The desk will kindly and carefully answer any questions including questions related to subsidies and loans, Japanese laws and regulations, real estate matters, etc.

The Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cooperating with its internationally-oriented members, the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports the business strategies of foreign companies. In addition, the chamber maintains good relations with foreign chambers, companies and governments to create good business opportunities for its members.

The Foundation of the Kansai Research Institute

The Kansai Research Institute (Keihanna) is located on a green hill where Kyoto, Osaka and Nara prefectures meet. There are already more than 118 facilities operating at this site, working on pioneering studies related to information sciences, biotechnologies, material creation, robot technologies, optical engineering (lasers), etc.

Kyoto Research Park (KRP)

Kyoto Research Park Corporation is the operating company of Kyoto Research Park, created in 1989 as the first private-sector research park in Japan. We aim to provide not only office space and a laboratory space, but also activities to support companies and foster partnerships among industry, academia and government. We aim to be a hub of innovation bringing together people, ideas and companies so that we can create new regional businesses and contribute to building collaborative networks among industry, academia and government.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Kyoto

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a government-related organization promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. We offer foreign investors with abundant information on all aspects of doing business in Japan, by providing expert consultation and offering free temporary office space. Talk to JETRO first and see more of what we offer to help set up your business in Japan.



Achievement of Actual Activities