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Kyoto Prefecture Keihanna Venture Center in Kansai Science City

Kyoto Prefecture Keihanna Venture Center in Kansai Science CityKyoto Prefectural Government is currently promoting large scale industrial innovation and development in the southern part of the prefecture. The Keihanna Plaza in the Kansai Science City has an active incubation business center. This will be a strong center for innovation and venture capital related businesses.
http://www.ki21.jp/jigyo/venture_center/ (Japanese)


Katsura Innovation Park

Katsura Innovation ParkThe area adjacent to the Katsura Campus of Kyoto University was converted in 2002 to Katsura Innovation Part to be used as a base for new industrial collaboration for industry, academia and government, and is currently a housing operating facilities for an autonomous administrative body for mid- and small-size business infrastructure that is providing assistance for initiatives such as university-originated ventures.
Additionally, there are locations for private-sector laboratories currently under development in the area for R&D companies (The private land has been partitioned and purchased). There is ongoing daily communication by various institutional researchers here that transcends affiliation, and new consortia are in the process of being built.
https://www.advance-with-kyoto-business.jp/home/agglomeration-bases/ (Japanese)
https://www.advance-with-kyoto-business.jp/en/agglomeration-bases-en/ (English)


Kyoto Research Park (KRP)

Kyoto Research Park (KRP)Kyoto Research Park (KRP) is an urban research park situated in Kyoto City. It is a complex that houses 340 companies and research institutes in various fields, including ICT, chemicals, biotech and pharmaceuticals, and has gained the world's attention as a center for new industrial creativity. KRP offers not only office space and the best laboratories for experimental research, but is also developing support for companies and collaborative activities among industry, academia and government. The industry support institutions in KRP also offer use of various experimental and analytical equipment.
http://www.krp.co.jp/ (Japanese)
http://www.krp.co.jp/english/ (English)



Land for Research Laboratories and Plants

Land for Research Laboratories and PlantsIn addition to the facilities above, there are many suitable sites for research laboratories and plants located all across Kyoto Prefecture.

http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/sangyo/1277081100949.html (Japanese)


Maizuru 21 Building

The Maizuru 21 Building is located in the port of Maizuru which is the entrance port to the Kyoto and the Kansai region on the JapanSea. The building has office space and conference rooms to support trade businesses and offer trade business infrastructure as well as a comfortable working environment to meet various business needs.
http://www.pref.kyoto.jp/trade/index.html (Japanese)