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Kizugawa City Support

Consultation Desk for General Business Affaires

City of Kizugawa offers consultation services for companies which maintain their headquarters, plants, research center, etc. or newly build them. Specifically the desk provides information regarding the following matters.

For further information, please call Science Research and Planning Division Office to Promote Corporate Locations (Tel: 81-(0)774-75--1202)


Kizugawa City Business Establishment Support

Overview Kizugawa City intends to stimulate local economy and create employment opportunities by promoting new business establishment
  • Company moving in Kizugawa City and Relocation, New Construction or Renovation of Corporations in Kizugawa City
  • Company with a great impact on the local economy
  • Company must consider the local environment in construction or business operation
Areas Covered Semi-industrialized district, etc.
Applicable Term Companies that are designated as a subsidy grantee by March 31st, 2017.
Company Selection Selection is made by the screening committee of Promotion of Corporation Location in Kizugawa
Eligible Company Cutting-edge industry
  • Headquarters of manufacturing industry (except for cutting-edge industry)
  • Other headquarters or office that the City mayor designs
  • Headquarters or office of IT industry or natural science industry
  • Headquarters of manufacturing industry (Cutting-edge industry)
  • Office of manufacturing industry (Cutting-edge industry)
Subsidy Prerequisite Site Area & Fixed Asset Tax, etc. Over 500 m² or over 20 million yen Over 500 m² or over 50 million yen
Number of local employee More than 1 person
Subsidy for Facility Construction 10 % or less of fixed asset taxes or other taxes (except for the land)
Maximum limitation: 30 million yen Maximum limitation: 10 million yen
Subsidy for Employment Creation Specific amount for each local employee who are newly employed and worked for more than 1 year after starting the business operation
1) Handicapped person employment 500,000 yen
2) regular employment 400,000 yen
3) Excluding1,2 100,000 yen
*the maximum limitation of the total subsidy amount for 3 years: 30 million yen
Subsidy for Business Support Amount of fixed asset tax × 9/10 (first year of the foundation), 2/3 (second year of the foundation), 1/3 (third year of the foundation)
*The maximum limit of the subsidy in total of three years: 150 million yen
*However, the maximum limit of the subsidy in total for three years for the following companies will be 600 million yen: companies with the amount of net tangible assets, etc. being over 10 billion yen, and also the number of new local employees being more than 5 people.

Note 1: Subsidy for Facility Construction and Subsidy for Employment Creation are NOT applicable for the company which has granted the 'Kyoto Industrial Site Strategy 21 Special Business Subsidy (Kyoto Prefectural Subsidy)' (Kyoto Prefecture) before.
Note 2: Subsidy for Business Support is NOT applicable for the company which will be granted 'Ordinance Concerning Exception to City Tax Measures Regarding the Establishment of Kansai Science City'.

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