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Financing for Promotion of Business District of Creating Employment (Kyoto Prefecture)

When the company newly construct or move its office or facilities in the manufacturing quarter or lands suitable of industry after the invitation of KyotoPrefecture or municipalities, it can be applicable for the financing up to 2 billion yen.

Eligible Party New construction or expansion of the plant or other building which is eligible for 'Kyoto Industrial 21 Special Business Subsidy'
Usage of Finance Investment for equipment (Acquisition of capital through land, buildings, machinery, equipment etc.) and operating cost to establish the business in the site
Maximum Limitation Within 90 % of total necessary amount, 2 billion yen at most (includes 100 million yen for the operating cost)
Financing Term
  • Equipment revenue: within 20 years (3 years of freezing period)
  • Operating revenue: within 7 years (1 year of freezing period)
Financing Interest

Fixed interest rate of 1.7% per annum for the initial 10 years (special interest rate: *1.2 % per year)
*the special interest rate is available only for the equipment revenue. In addition to the prerequisite for the subsidy, the company must fill the following additional prerequisites.

  1. a constant number of local employee is required
  2. the total amount of prefectural employee must be increased

Long-term preferential interest rates from participating financial institutions for the 11th year and beyond