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Kyoto is an outstanding international tourist destination!
And a world-class innovation center
where you will always encounter something different and new.

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Kyoto’s traditional manufacturing spirit lives on in its modern high-tech industries.

Innovative Spirit

Kyoto is working hard to challenge environmental changes and provide a base for long-term economic growth.

Assets of Intelligence

Throughout the centuries, Kyoto has cultivated them.Kyoto accommodates 33 universities and 15 junior colleges.It has turned out several Nobel Prize winners.

Center of Japanese Tradition and Culture

You will experience the heart of Japanese tradition and culture in Kyoto

Meet with New Ideas & Innovation

Kyoto is the perfect place to hold international conferences.Many large scale international conferences, like COP 3, have been held in Kyoto.


Since Japan’s national capital was first set up in Kyoto in 794, the region has never stopped attracting people, and naturally, never stopped developing and innovating in many areas. Innovative spirit is everywhere in Kyoto.
Today, originality and innovation have become a necessity for extra value and growth in business and academic research. Kyoto is the perfect place for both types of innovation.
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The cooperation between private companies and academic institutions which actively involved in developing the business and research made it extensive, and Kyoto offers various well-maintained research facilities and incentives to promote further business activities in Kyoto.
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